Digital Workforce Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, May 25, 2022


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With Q1 of 2022 now behind us, it's time to take stock. How is your business performing this year? Are you on track to hit your goals for 2022? How has your business and its operations changed in recent months? The answers to all of these questions are dictated by workforce trends and accepted best practices.

Read on to discover more about these workforce trends and to learn how Alloc8 is supporting positive change for businesses in 2022 and beyond.

The Hybrid Working Environment Necessitates Highly Accurate Scheduling

As businesses look towards a return to normality, hopefully, following the Covid-19 pandemic, many are discovering that the working landscape has changed. Remote work has become a big part of daily operations for most businesses, and this has had a profound effect on almost all industries. Rather than a complete return to the in-office working model, businesses are finding that a more fluid, hybrid way of doing things is the way forward.

While hybrid work brings advantages, it also brings challenges. A robust approach to project scheduling and resource allocation is critical if organisations are to meet these challenges in the proper way. Solutions like Alloc8 are now on the frontline of business operations, providing an effective and unified platform from which to achieve effective scheduling, even as shifts towards a hybrid model increase operational complexity.

Businesses Look to Automation To Streamline Their Processes

Automation is a significant asset for today's business owners. As machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence become more sophisticated, organisations are finding that automated tools are becoming more and more effective.

The Alloc8 platform helps businesses to leverage the benefits of automation. For instance, invoices can be automatically created using data drawn directly from timesheets. Regulatory compliance is also guaranteed thanks to integration with third-party portals, which means specific requirements must be completed before a project can be signed off.

This is just the beginning of the automation journey for business. Machine learning and other concepts can be deployed in many different areas of operation, from order fulfilment to customer service. However, the Alloc8 solution provides a strong foundation for companies seeking to embrace automation in a meaningful way.

Digital Transformation Seeks To Keep Pace with Customer Expectation

Customer expectation has a habit of shifting — often rapidly. This can be a problem for businesses and can result in them falling behind in the market. Let's take quotes as an example. Once upon a time, your customers would have been happy to submit a quote request and receive an answer in a few days, perhaps even longer when weekends are taken into account. This is not the case anymore. Customers know that it is possible for businesses to deliver quotes more quickly, and so they expect this to be the case.

Your business needs to be alive to this. This is why digital transformation, i.e. accelerating and streamlining operations with digital technology, is so important to your company. You need this digitalisation if you are to meet or exceed the requirements of your customers.

Mobility Becomes Crucial

It doesn't matter whether you are deploying remote teams who work directly with your clients, or if your personnel are generally more office-based, one fact remains true — all staff members need to be able to carry out key tasks no matter where they are. In other words, mobility — supported by mobile devices and platforms — is critical.

Your personnel need to be able to record and submit timesheets from wherever they are. They need to receive scheduling notifications and updates via their mobile devices. They must be able to access project-specific resources and guidance on the move. This means decentralising your operations and helping staff members stay connected via their smartphones, tablet or laptop.

Discover How Alloc8 Can Help Your Business Develop Throughout 2022 and Beyond

Reach out to our team today and schedule your demo of the Alloc8 platform. This is the best way to really get to know what Alloc8 can do for you and your organisation.

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