4 Ways to Stay Healthy during the Christmas Holidays

Posted by Alloc8, Fri, Dec 13, 2019


Christmas can be a time of excess, with lots of end of year events, gatherings, and lazy days in the sun filling up calendars around the country. While it's great to relax and enjoy your time off, it's also good to make sure your health doesn't suffer because of the festivities. 

Stay on top of your health goals (while still having fun), with these top tips:

1. Drink water - lots of it!

Australian Summer is in full swing, so stay hydrated. And that also means avoiding drinking alcohol to excess. If you do drink, be sure to drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage to keep you hydrated. 

2. Balance your meals.

Aim to eat a healthier and lighter breakfast if you know you've got an indulgent lunch or dinner planned. And try to avoid piling up your plate with everything on offer at the table.

3. Keep moving.

While it's important to unwind, relax and enjoy your deserved time off, it's also essential you maintain your fitness.  Why not use the break as an opportunity to learn a new sport or aim to reach a fitness goal? Even going for a small walk each morning can keep you motivated, maintain your routine and stop you from having a complete blowout over the break.

4. Stay safe at work.

Many Australians will be working during the Christmas period, across construction, healthcare, tourism, retail, and hospitality. With the increased stress, traffic, and people around at Christmas, it's crucial to ensure OH&S safe work practices are maintained. 


If you're taking care of a remote workforce this Christmas period, Alloc8 can help schedule your workers efficiently, fairly, and at the correct wage. And with built-in fatigue lockouts, it ensures your workers never exceed the maximum allowed working hours in a week, keeping them safe and your business compliant. If you’re interested in finding out more, schedule a demo for the new year. 

Alloc8 wishes you and your team a safe Christmas.

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