5 ways to use Alloc8 right now to keep your business COVID Safe

Posted by Alloc8, Thu, Aug 13, 2020

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With the world officially in unchartered territory, it's important to have confidence that your business can adapt to the unpredictable landscape paved by COVID-19. Here are 5 simple ways you can use Alloc8 to reinforce your COVID plan and ensure your business can handle new situations that arise. 

1. Workplace Mapping

Track dates, time and location of team members who have worked together including breaks taken and movement between sites with Job History and Timesheets that are time, date and location stamped.

2. Ensure physical distancing

Stagger shift times within a single job using Alloc8 scheduling to limit the amount of workers on site. This includes break times in shared spaces.

3. Reduce equipment sharing

Reduce risk of shared equipment by seeing exactly what resources are on a job, assign vehicles to specific crew members, and use the Alloc8 Mobile App to allow workers to fill out forms and timesheets from their own device.

4. Automate procedures and paperwork

Use the Drag and Drop Form Builder to create mandatory COVID Screening Forms, Cleaning Checklists and Incident Reports for your workers to submit via the mobile app and receive submissions in Alloc8 web instantly. Easily attach and update Workplace Procedures, Physical Distancing Guidelines and Worker Permits on any job for all jobs for a specific Branch or Company, or on every job.

5. Adapt quickly with real-time messaging

Maintain communication and act quickly to any change in circumstance with the bulk message feature in Alloc8. You can send individual workers, all crew members on a job, or create your own filters based on branch.

You can do all of this and more from home. Book a demo to learn more about these features as well as how you can maximise your resources and save on costs.

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