8 Ways to Keep Your Work Site Safe

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Mar 4, 2020


Site safety is all too often overlooked, with busy schedules, distractions and big workloads taking precedence. But maintaining a safe site is a critical (and legal) obligation that helps keep your workers and the public safe. Here are eight ways you can minimise potential hazards at your site. 

1. Train your team

The first step in creating a safe workplace is by first training your workers on what a safe workplace should look like. By helping your team understand potential risks in the workplace, they will feel empowered to actively prevent them. 

2. Use site safety checklists and inductions

One way of ensuring your site workers are aware of the risks and hazards is with the use of site safety checklists and induction forms. With our workforce management product, Alloc8, these documents can be built-in and made mandatory, ensuring your site workers remain compliant. 

3. Encourage active communication

Create an environment that encourages active listening and ongoing dialogue, to foster positive relationships with your workers. A system of open communication will make it easier for workers to report any potential risks. 

4. Use the correct equipment

Ensure your site always has the correct equipment needed, including any tools, signage, markings, and safety gear for your workers. With Alloc8 you can use the equipment allocation feature to ensure that your workers have the right tools for the job every time.

5. Regular tool maintenance

Any equipment your workers do use on the job should be regularly maintained, particularly any vehicles or electrical equipment. You can use Alloc8 to store all of your documentation to ensure you never miss any scheduled maintenance.

6. Check the environment

An often overlooked hazard is the environment. Weather conditions, air humidity and other factors including dust or pollution, can present a safety risk. Ensure you have an action plan for reducing these risks.

7. Designate a safety officer

Organise someone in each team to be trained as a dedicated safety officer and can help detect, prevent and avoid extra safety hazards on site. 

8. Refresh/revise

Provide ongoing training and support to your workers, so they are armed with the right knowledge to prevent hazards in the workplace. 

By implementing these simple steps, you can help to maintain a safe work site for your workers. To find out how you could use workforce management software to enhance the safety of your work sites, schedule an obligation-free demo today.

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