Eyes at front: How full visibility works for field services.

Posted by Alloc8, Tue, Aug 24, 2021

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Every mobile workforce is changing—especially when it comes to efficiency.

Around tax time each year—with financial reports at hand—most field services businesses get a burst of visibility on operations. The financials tell a broad story. But it takes a closer look to fully understand your margins.

Visibility on business elements like overtime, allowances, and award interpretation can set you up to make the right decisions all year round—decisions that lift your margins.

It’s about full visibility—it should be available year-round, and it should be in real-time. Without it, you could be losing money through payroll mistakes, unnecessary overtime and allowance expenses, and tight contract margins. 

For field services, you can do this through specially developed, end-to-end software—like Alloc8.

Let’s look at the power of full visibility—and how the future works.

Real data—real-time.

End-to-end visibility is the level of intelligence across your entire business. You can monitor operations, finances and field staff in real-time—with live communication.

For end-to-end visibility, old methods like spreadsheets and paper will only go so far. They can’t give real-time data, they’re not secure, and they rely on human accuracy without any checks.

With Alloc8 you can see how your business is performing all the time. You can also show your clients—so if a pay dispute crops up, you can resolve it fast and show accuracy—which saves money and creates trust with your clients.

Whether it’s staff safety, overtime and allowances, or projects running late, end-to-end gives you the vision to spot issues as they occur—and plan growth based on truly knowing your future margins.

So you spreadsheet less—and scale more.

AI-driven accuracy and savings.

With end-to-end offering full visibility, you can be sure the data you’re seeing is accurate.

That’s not the case with manual and older methods. Relying on spreadsheets means relying on humans—and even when spreadsheets are accurate, they’re not connected to other data sources.

Without software-based checks and balances, some of your data will be wrong—and finding the problem can waste a lot of time.

With end-to-end software, you get predictive AI systems automating manual, time-consuming tasks. On payroll alone, Alloc8 reduces timesheet errors by 98%. Free from manual processes and paperwork, you get more time to work on your business—with the confidence of knowing your data is accurate.

There are savings on employment costs—including award interpretation, and reducing travel and overtime bonuses. Alloc8’s AI-driven platform continually learns and looks for ways to optimise workflows.

Alloc8 keeps you ahead of the curve—with intelligent, accurate automation. 

Happy staff—happy margins.

Keeping staff safe, engaged and informed helps your business run healthy margins.  

In field services, those margins take a hit from the same costly mix-ups. Staff showing up to a site with no job information can lead to questionable compliance sign-off, delayed timesheets and payroll and award interpretation errors.

With Alloc8, you can provide field staff with everything they need—straight to their mobiles.

Show them what they’re doing that week—and equip them with the resources they need. Give them the proper safety information—and require sign-off on compliance documents. Have them submit electronic timesheets—while keeping their training and accreditations up to date. 

Alloc8 offers full visibility, real-time communication and digital documentation—all applied to payroll without errors, all at correct rates. Qualifications and certifications get validated automatically—so staff are safe and compliant. And resources get planned efficiently—so jobs get the vehicles and equipment they need.

And that’s all with no more paperwork.

Full client transparency.

Real-time insights make running your field services business more efficient, and easier for staff. But your clients will love it too.

With end-to-end software like Alloc8, clients easily access mission-critical data—from job details and site records to worker information and timesheets—all in real-time.

As projects progress, clients stay informed. With full documentation, they’re comfortable with compliance and can sign-off on billing—before an invoice is due. And should a dispute arise, you can deal with it quickly and effectively, backed by accurate data.

Alloc8’s CEO George Khreish knows the power of visibility for clients.

“Clients want more immediate information—in real-time”, he says, “that’s why Alloc8 leverages your data to give clients the visibility and insights they need, exactly when they need it—and that keeps trust strong.”

Forecast with foresight.

Full visibility lifts daily performance—but also gives you better control over future cash flow. Alloc8 forecasts projects with better accuracy—so you know what projects to focus on.

You empower field service management teams with AI that calculates factors like distance to work, qualifications, and awards—so you get the right people for the job.

And with fatigue lockout calculation—one of Alloc8’s unique, built-in offerings—you control how many shifts you allocate in any period, so you never over-allocate.

Alloc8 Identifies your top billing clients—and where you need to adjust your income strategy. All possible through real-time, AI-driven insights.

So you better work the margins—and better work the future.

Best practice—from those who know.

For field services firms using old systems, it’s easy to get stuck in your own practice—and end up with dated processes. 

Switching to an end-to-end system opens you up to global best practices—based on decades of aggregated knowledge from industries and providers.

Alloc8’s tools are stress-tested and proven—by the industries that use them.

Full visibility–how the future works

Alloc8 gives you a competitive advantage through full visibility. From maximizing margins to engaging staff—you’ll be the one clients trust with new—and bigger—contracts.


Get in touch to schedule a free demo—and work the future with Alloc8.

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