Massive Growth Spurt for the Healthcare and Disabilities Sector Predicted

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Sep 30, 2020

masksIt’s no newsflash that the healthcare sector has been under enormous pressure since the COVID pandemic erupted in March this year. Although the pandemic has largely been contained within Australia, Victorian healthcare workers have experienced a taste of the extra workload this pandemic can bring. 

In our hospitals we’ve seen new protocols and additional pressure put on ICU and general nurses and doctors, infectious disease control workers and COVID-19 testers. General practice clinics have had to implement tele-health consultations, with health and safety compliance as critical as ever. 

The vulnerabilities of aged care have been exposed, revealing the need for more protection of aged care residents, better compliance with health and safety regulations and more support for tireless aged care workers. Subsequently, home health visits have been on the rise since the pandemic began, with healthcare workers no longer just limited to a hospital or clinic. 

NDIS workers will also be kept under the pump, with a likely increase in demand on:

  • Safe community transportation 
  • Home equipment installation and modifications
  • Therapeutic support
  • Mobility equipment 
  • At-home help 

As a result of this growth spurt in the industry, the NDIS watchdog recently announced the addition of 100 new employees in the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, as well as an additional $92.9 million in funding to expand its compliance and investigative capacity. 

With the increase in pressure and the additional compliance capacity, businesses operating under the NDIS scheme need to ensure now more than ever that the disability workers and their clients are protected. 

By using a workforce management tool such as Alloc8, businesses can:

  • Ensure they are payroll compliant
  • Improve and streamline communication with staff
  • Seamlessly manage all worker timesheets 
  • Ensure staff aren’t being overworked and exceeding the allowed number of worked hours in a week

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