Businesses Need New Ways to Deal With Invoicing Disputes

Posted by Alloc8, Tue, Apr 26, 2022

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Digital technology is making remote deployment a more viable option for businesses across a number of different industries. While many businesses have always relied upon remote teams to carry out key tasks for clients — such as maintenance firms conducting infrastructural repairs or engineering firms installing new hardware on-site — advances in communication and collaboration tech have made it easier for these organisations to deploy more teams across ever more complex service networks. Meanwhile, businesses in other industries now have the confidence to deploy remote teams in locations they once thought impossible.

But this new way of doing things is bringing challenges. For example, as the number of different remote teams increases — along with the number of locations for deployment — the complexity of the network grows significantly. This can lead to errors and disputes in invoicing, which can be costly for businesses in terms of capital and reputation.

Turning to Technology to Eliminate Invoicing Disputes

Businesses are already using technology in the deployment of their remote teams, but this tech can be improved upon. With the right approach to digital solutions and with the right set of software, businesses can reduce disputes and other invoicing issues. Here's how:

Put Invoicing in the Hands of Remote Personnel With Smart Devices

Businesses can eliminate much of the miscommunication and misunderstanding in invoicing by putting invoicing technology into the hands of their remote teams. With a comprehensive invoicing solution, remotely deployed team members can input information via mobile and tablet devices, effectively achieving real-time data updates for systems. In addition, personnel can also update their own timesheets, which can be used to ensure the validity of invoices.

Accelerate Sharing and Sign-off

With remote mobile devices, deployed teams can share invoice information with clients at the site. This means the sign-off process becomes faster and more transparent, as the client can quickly agree to services and pricing before the project is carried out.

Custom Invoicing for Specific Projects

If invoices are standardised, this can cause problems. While standard invoices might be acceptable for the majority of projects, they do not provide flexibility for ad hoc projects or additional services rendered for long-term clients. In addition, the standard invoice template may not cover all of the elements required or may have unnecessary fields and other data requirements that do not match the specifics of the task. Creating custom invoices for unique jobs eliminates this risk and makes it far easier to provide invoices with accuracy and precision.

Integrate Invoicing Software With Existing Solutions

If there are gaps between software solutions, there are vulnerabilities and points of friction. This is why businesses need a comprehensive solution that integrates invoicing with existing software, such as accountancy software. By unifying these software solutions, companies are able to improve the accuracy and reliability of their invoices.

Support Processes With Automated Features

Digital invoicing software can include automated features to provide additional peace of mind. For example, software can recognise discrepancies or omissions and block the submission of the invoice until these issues are resolved. This essentially offers another line of defence against errors that can lead to disputes.

Forward-Thinking Invoicing Solutions From Alloc8

Alloc8 software includes robust invoicing solutions designed to make life easier for businesses across a number of different fields. With Alloc8 on your side, you can reduce errors and discrepancies in invoicing, as well as the disputes that arise from these. To discover more, reach out to the Alloc8 team, or book your demo of the platform to experience first-hand how it works.

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