Labour Scheduling & Job Assignment in an Increasingly Dynamic Market

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Jul 21, 2021

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The labour-hire market is evolving here in Australia, becoming more and more dynamic with each passing year. While the national workforce is increasing in size, growing by 10% between 2016 and 2021 to exceed 13 million, the need for specific skillsets and competencies has never been more acute. This is where labour-hire firms play such a significant role in keeping Australia's economy on the right track, connecting these specialised skills with the roles and employers that urgently require them.

But achieving this connection is perhaps easier said than done. Labour hire firms need to act quickly and efficiently, but also decisively and confidently, as they ensure clients have the personnel they need to succeed in their respective fields. At the same time, they need to serve as a firm that employees can trust, representing their requirements and aims in the job market.

Alloc8 is the ideal solution in this evolving landscape, providing labour scheduling and job assignment capabilities to today's forward-thinking labour-hire companies.

Managing Human Resources the Smart Way

Labour hire firms are businesses like any other, and businesses are intended to grow and develop over time. Of course, for labour-hire organisations, growth means an ever-expanding roster of personnel, all of whom need to be managed and supported so employees or contractors can use their talents effectively.

This can rapidly get out of hand, putting firms under pressure as the burden of management grows. The Alloc8 platform is designed to eliminate this burden, with an intuitive interface that makes management clear and straightforward. Skillsets and competencies are displayed swiftly, even at scale, while automated protocols ensure that each employee profile is adequately completed and up-to-date.

Connecting the Right People with the Right Jobs

These protocols are also crucial when it comes to connecting the right personnel with the right roles. Employee skill and experience data are stored securely, and it is easily accessible for users with the appropriate security clearance. Prospective candidates for each role are quickly screened according to their competency and suitability level, while automation ensures that only the suitable candidates connect with the correct positions.

What would otherwise be a painstaking and laborious process is dispatched with great speed and accuracy. Users of Alloc8 report that the time they spend on booking and scheduling jobs is reduced by around half, ensuring that time, funds and resources are utilised in the right way.

The combination of automation and streamlined manual processes means that Alloc8 can resolve complex jobs and schedules with only a few clicks. The solution is also device-agnostic, and Alloc8 applications support high levels of functionality when deployed on tablets and smartphones. Released from overreliance on desktop-based software, remote teams can allocate personnel with confidence, leading to a more flexible and agile way of doing business for your organisation. 

Achieving Watertight Scheduling of Labour

Saving working hours and reducing dependency on resource-intensive processes is undoubtedly something that will excite labour-hire teams. However, this excitement may be accompanied by alarm bells. What if this increased pace of operation comes at the cost of other aspects of labour-hire management, such as data integrity and reliability?

Alloc8 makes sure that no such compromise is needed, thanks to a smart approach to scheduling Alloc8  flags compliance breaches when they arise so that teams can go about their work with confidence and safety. Human error is also reduced by automated processes according to pre-set guidelines, achieving valuable peace of mind across the board.

Overseeing Full Payments for Work

Costs and payments are also easily manageable via Alloc8. Location-specific fields help labour-hire firms match employees to roles based on proximity, enhancing employee satisfaction and reducing travel costs. Overtime and additional rendered services are also logged and flagged via the system so that appropriate invoices can be delivered on time and records remain accurate and reliable.

Tablet and mobile functionality make these features even more useful. Labour hire firms can craft tailored forms from a centralised location and then deliver these to remote teams ready for completion. Ensuring employees have all the resources they need to receive fair pay becomes more straightforward when Alloc8 is implemented. Digital signature features and GPS timestamps increase the transparency of these forms so that all parties can immediately verify the work signed off.

Adopt a Smart Approach to Labour Scheduling and Job Allocation with Alloc8

The labour-hire market continues to support employment rates and fair conditions right across Australia, and automation and intelligent functionality are at the heart of this.

Book your demo and find out how Alloc8 can enhance your labour hire processes today. 

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