Learn to Love Compliance—Your Next Competitive Advantage

Posted by Alloc8, Thu, May 13, 2021


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Compliance can be especially hard in field services.

It’s not just fines and penalties you need to worry about. Compliance problems can interrupt operations, damage your reputation—even bring entire industries to their knees.

But even in field services, compliance doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, the right technology can transform compliance from a dull must-do to your next ‘must-have’ competitive edge. Along the way, you can reclaim your time and your peace of mind. 

Better work safety—work the future.

Compliance mistakes can cost lives. Beyond margins and efficiencies, nobody sleeps well living with that kind of risk. And field services already involve high-risk worksites—plus tight deadlines, and complex qualification requirements.

George Khreish—Alloc8’s CEO—says that the right technology can mean safer workplaces of the future. “Businesses can leverage tech to improve systems and safety. We’re making new and more sophisticated layers of worker protection available—like ‘fatigue lockout’, which gives granular, automated control over preventing accidental overwork.

‘Fatigue lockout’ is just one of Alloc8’s unique, built-in offerings—with pre-built and customisable maximum shift lengths, hours worked in day or week and minimum break periods. It means you have sophisticated control over how many shifts you allocate in any period—so you never run the risk of over-allocating

Anything that reduces compliance-related errors is an advantage. Even non-catastrophic errors cost time and money—delaying projects and blowing out budgets. It can wreck relationships and damage your reputation.

Worksafe lists 114,135 serious claims as of 2020—each costing on average 6 weeks of lost time per claim and $11,700 in compensation. So using tech to prevent accidents is a game-changer. You get peace of mind, you build client trust—and get a serious competitive advantage on commercials.

Real-time visibility—how the future works.

At Alloc8, real-time documenting and reporting isn’t a future prospect, it’s a reality.

George Khreish, Alloc8’s CEO, says, “Authorities and contractors now expect more immediate information—in fact, they want it real-time to make informed decisions—so we’ve designed Alloc8 to do exactly that.”

From job details and timesheets accessible on the road to real-time messaging and integrated payroll—Alloc8 empowers you to give clients the visibility they need, exactly when they need it—real-time. It helps prevent incidents from happening in the first place.

So as well as fewer delays, fines, breaches and worker claims, Alloc8 allows you to get proactive about compliance—spending less time chasing your tail and more time winning work.

Zero paperwork—your workforce digital.

Compliance has a bad history of paperwork—too much paperwork. Compliance paperwork is theoretically about trying to lift safety, but all too often becomes a practical drain on business function and growth.

By cutting out the paperwork Alloc8 empowers management, operations, accounts and field workers to work smarter—wherever they work—by cutting out the paper. On any device, from any location. So from completing SWMS and checklists to signing COVID declarations, using digital signatures and GPS timestamps—Alloc8 captures all critical information instantaneously, in real-time—with a full audit trail.

With less time spent on paperwork, you get the space to scale and grow. Better contracts, better margins and a better workforce— all competitive advantages.

The right people—your workforce engaged.

Specialised work requires specialised skills and training. Get it wrong, and you’re either sending good people home or putting them at risk.

Alloc8 helps monitor and validate contractor qualifications—so everyone’s ready to safely do the work they’re hired for. What’s more, it all happens intelligently—so if a worker’s traffic control certification is about to expire, you’ll know about it before it happens.

Alloc8 helps manage employee skills, training, inductions and accreditation—so you can always allocate the right people to the right jobs—reducing the risk of injury and liability, and creating happier teams.

Compliance—your competitive advantage.

Compliance has been a sore point for too long. The right mix of technology and industry insight has led Alloc8 to transform compliance from a reactive to a proactive process. Fatigue lockouts allow automated, granular control over likely causes of accidents. Real-time data empowers you to get on the front foot. Managing worker training and qualification in real-time keeps you ahead of the curve preventing incidents. You get peace of mind and more time to work on your business, rather than in it.

Alloc8 gives you a competitive advantage that helps you win more work—and better work. Because when clients see you this masterful with compliance—you’ll be the one they turn to for new, and bigger, contracts.

Get in touch to schedule a demo—and learn how compliance can become your next competitive edge in field services.

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