Stop Leaving Money on the Table: Lift Your Profit Margins in Remote Workforce Management

Posted by Alloc8, Thu, Feb 25, 2021

Lift Profit Margins

You’ve heard the saying—time is money—and that includes the time it takes to get paid. So how much money are you leaving on the table from manual invoicing errors? Too much—and  you can stop it.

Remote workforce and field services are a special kind of complex, with lots of moving parts and a high risk of error. Manual workforce scheduling and invoicing leaves money on the table—when it should be in your pocket.

Alloc8 helps your Field Service company increase revenue, decrease costs, and mitigate risk—all while enhancing customer experience, empowering field workers and supporting growth.

Bulletproof Billing – Work Profitability

Alloc8’s improvements in billing accuracy drive up revenues by an average of 1% across remote workforce clients. So whether you’re turning over $1.8M or $180M pa—you’ll see a substantial boost to your revenue and profit margin. 

Remote staffing takes strong coordination. There’s a lot to keep tabs on—from charging for equipment, to hours worked—it’s a massive amount of information. Mix in the fact that each client has different requirements and you’re left with a lot of room for error. 

Assets on a job are easily missed—jobs can even get missed entirely. It’s hard to backdate invoice adjustments, smaller projects can get lost with clients—it all adds up to huge risk of write-off—and of money left on the table.

Alloc8 bridges those gaps, so every task is seamlessly connected. With a system in place to catch unforced errors—revenue leaks just don’t happen. 

Get Paid Faster – Work End-to-End

Cashflow is king in your field services business. Waiting for invoices to get paid while trying to pay staff is stressful. Alloc8 brings down your cash flow stress by speeding up your invoicing process—and minimising your disputes.

Customers using Alloc8 report getting paid 20% faster than with manual invoicing and collection—and reducing collection time by 40% with our digital timesheets and invoicing solutions.

Alloc8 processes invoicing quickly and provides a digital paper trail for any project—so instead of wading through tangled communication lines and a mess of documents, you’ve got one single, powerful source of truth for all your billing.

Time is money and money is time—save on one, save on both.

Alloc8 saves everyone’s time.

Built Just For You – Work Remote

Alloc8 was built for remote workforces by people who managed remote workforces—so it saves you money with unique features built from inside knowledge.

Operations teams win big—by halving the time it takes to schedule a job using manual processes. Custom rate cards mean you can create packages for meal allowance and travel. The ‘automated paperwork’ feature means customers and workers can access and upload supporting documentation, like site and induction forms. And automatic reports on unbilled tickets means even user errors that do slip through the cracks get weeded out before they become a problem. 

Work The Future

When you cut out the time it takes to schedule, invoice, and coordinate remote work, your teams aren’t trapped in manual processes—and you can focus on scaling your business and improving your profit margins. 

That’s why Alloc8 empowers the people in your business to work smarter—wherever they work.

Alloc8 helps you spreadsheet less, and profit more. 

And stop leaving money on the table.


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