Navigating the Remote Work Landscape

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Dec 8, 2021


Remote work in Australia is rapidly becoming the norm for employees across a range of different industries. Statistics show that 41% of people employed in Australia worked from home at least once a week during February 2021 — up from only 24% in March of the previous year. Elsewhere in the region, businesses are also shifting their model towards remote work. In New Zealand, for instance, 42% of the workforce performed at least some of their work duties from home while the country was Covid Alert Levels 3 and 4 during 2020.

Even outside of the extraordinary circumstances of the global pandemic, business owners are turning into the potential of remote teams. In 2019, before the pandemic struck, around 68% of Australian employers allowed their staff to work on a remote basis at least some of the time. While the coronavirus certainly accelerated the pace of change, we can expect remote work to be an important part of the business landscape in Australia and New Zealand for the long term.

With this in mind, how do you navigate this new way of doing things, supporting your remote workers in the process?

Put the Right Teams on the Right Jobs

Alloc8 includes smart scheduling features that can help you leverage the best from remote teams. From the platform, you will be able to gain insight into available teams and use automation to match them to available jobs. Users report a 50% reduction in scheduling and job booking time when using Alloc8.

Ensure Full Compliance Across All Employment Models

Businesses still have a duty of care for employees, even when these employees are not working in an on-premises role. The automated features of Alloc8 ensure that compliance is achieved each and every time, specific to the jurisdiction you are operating in. Schedule all the necessary training for your employees via the platform, and support this with notifications and automated training-status flags. 

Manage and Provide Resources

Providing the right resources to team members can quickly become complex when you are deploying these teams remotely. While Alloc8 is not an inventory management system, it does help to streamline the process of delivering the resources. Manual and automated form and job creation helps management teams ensure that remote workers have everything they need for the job, while the automated flagging features listed above prevent critical supplies and resources from being missed. 

Maintain Employee Morale in the Field

Alloc8 is designed to streamline the management of work awards, timesheets and payroll. Making sure all of these tasks are complete and up to date will have a positive effect on the morale of remote teams, fostering engagement with your business.

Discover More About Alloc8 and the Remote Work Model

Alloc8 is designed with an increasingly dynamic market in mind. However, to discover how the platform aligns with your own unique business structure, you need to try it out for yourself. Schedule a demo of Alloc8 today to get started, or reach out to the team to find out more.

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