As Nations Invest in Infrastructure, Safety and Compliance Solutions Take Centre Stage

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Mar 23, 2022

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November 2021 brought a landmark announcement from the United States, as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) was passed. The act will see significant infrastructural investment across the country to improve America's road and rail network, extend access to clean drinking water for all communities, and improve high-speed internet access. In addition, it is hoped that the act will increase employment levels in the country and tackle the climate crisis that is gripping the globe.

This is great news for a number of different reasons. Obviously, it provides much-needed infrastructure across America, but it will also help to improve the social situation for many people who may lack viable employment options. The climate crisis is also something that cannot be ignored, and action on this front is crucial if humanity is to look forward to a brighter, more sustainable future. Engineering and maintenance providers can also expect to gain new contracts and opportunities for growth.

However, to manage all of this, safety and compliance must come to the forefront. Rapid infrastructural expansion and improvement require a huge effort in terms of maintaining safe working practices and adhering to regulatory guidelines and best practices. Project teams will need to draw upon digital solutions and software to make this happen.

Compliance and Scheduling Software Supporting Investment in Infrastructure

Safe and responsible infrastructure projects are easier to execute with integrated regulatory compliance and scheduling software supporting teams. Let's take a look at a few of the features that are helping to make this happen.

Automated Compliance Checklists

Automation allows safety and compliance to be taken out of the hands of human employees, reducing the potential for human error. These automated features can provide alerts and notifications if any aspect of compliance is being overlooked, and will block the submission of documents and timesheets if compliance information is not provided. This allows businesses to effectively guarantee compliance on an ongoing basis.

Swift Document Sharing and Management for Remote Teams

Workplace safety depends on forms and paperwork. These forms and other pieces of documentation need to be completed and then submitted without delay and stored securely via a central platform. With document sharing software, electronic paperwork can be completed quickly and then shared in real-time with management teams back at base. The whole process is effectively streamlined without putting teams in the field in danger.

Scheduling Software for Effective Job Matching

Organisations need to make sure that they have the right people for the right jobs. Of course, this means ensuring that staff members with the correct capabilities are assigned to the appropriate projects, but it also goes further than this. Management teams will need to check that all project staff have the necessary qualifications and training to carry out their roles with the required levels of safety. Scheduling software can use automation and artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately match the right candidates to the right jobs.

Scheduling and Compliance Software From Alloc8 — Powering the Next Generation of Infrastructural Improvement

The team behind Alloc8 has built the software with these kinds of challenges in mind. They understand that new infrastructural methods and best practices also bring obstacles and that software platforms need to be able to overcome this. To discover more about Alloc8 and how it works, reach out to our team directly. To witness the software in action for yourself, schedule a demo of the Alloc8 solution today.

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