Major updates to Timesheeting workflows, Job Paperwork and a new and improved mobile experience coming soon

Posted by Alloc8, Thu, Oct 31, 2019


In November 2019, we will be launching our Q4 release, the biggest software update to Alloc8 so far. The two part release will be packed with features critical to the ongoing success of your workforce management.

What's included?

The below features will be included as Part 1 of the upcoming release in early November. We encourage you to read the documentation for each feature prior to the release.
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Advanced Timesheeting
We've improved the way you manage timesheet edits so you can maximise control, minimise errors and track changes, including the ability to submit and finalise a new timesheet on the web.
Job Confirmation Email
A confirmation email can now be be sent to the booking contact when creating a new job, improving and automating client communication.
We now ‘bundle’ your job docket, timesheet and job attachments into an online PDF that is e-mailed as part of your job paperwork and invoices to your site and invoicing contacts.
Enhanced Document Management
You can now upload and manage your documents at the branch, company, vehicle, asset or job level, allowing your workers to access important documents in your business. These files can be uploaded from your computer, server and Google Drive.
Improved Mobile Experience
We know how important it is for your mobile workforce to have an app that is simple and intuitive. We have made it even easier to use the mobile app and added the ability for your workers to add photos, links and files to a job. Easily access job related documentation and now also access their finalised timesheets. 

Coming Soon: Part 2

You asked, we listened. On top of these important new features, we’ve also been working on some additional really exciting features requested specifically by our customers. So here’s what you can expect in the near future. Stay tuned - we will be releasing documentation for these features soon.
  • Custom forms - automate paperwork and remain compliant with custom forms and checklists to be filled out by your field workers on jobs.
  • Paperwork override - you will be able to choose exactly what paperwork you want to send to your customer, including forms and attachments.
  • Auto download - jobs for today, tomorrow or any outstanding 'Action Required' items will now automatically download on mobile with an internet connection, so your workers can access everything they need before they go to jobs in a remote location.
  • Offline mode - with offline mode, your workers can still do everything they need to do on the mobile app, even without an internet connection.
  • Tags on jobs - create and add your own tags for jobs to fit your own job workflows. Filter and search for jobs in a way that suits your business.

To see how these features can work for your business, book a demo with us today.

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