Regulation and Paperwork Can Be Your Friends

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Jun 8, 2022

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 You Just Need the Right Software on Your Side

The idea of paperwork — forms, documentation, invoices, timesheets — doesn't exactly inspire  You Just Need the Right Software on Your Sidejoy in the hearts of business owners. Issues of regulation and compliance, too, tend to be viewed as obstacles to overcome rather than advantages to be leveraged. But is this really the right way to look at things?

In fact, all of these "downsides" to operating a business can provide benefits if they are handled in the right way.

A Positive Outlook — The Potential Benefits of Regulation and Paperwork

Let's consider some of these benefits. What can regulation and paperwork bring to your business?

A Reliable Data Resource for Your Business

A store of documentation and data relating to your past transactions and operations can be a valuable resource for your organisation. Maintaining a well-ordered record of interactions with your customers and clients helps you to get to know these clients better so that you can meet their needs more effectively in the future.

Auditable Insight into Business Performance

How has your revenue improved over recent weeks, months, years? How are you managing costs while driving profits? It's difficult to answer these questions unless you have a reliable, and auditable, store of paperwork. Building a manageable record can help you understand business growth and performance and can help you assess your progress towards key operational objectives. 

A Point of Differentiation for Your Company

No matter what industry you operate in, you need to demonstrate why you are better than your competitors. Forms, documents and other pieces of paperwork give you a dataset that you can use to show your clients why you are the best option in the market. Use this paperwork to provide concrete data relating to the results you have achieved for past clients, proving the cost-effectiveness of your products and services.

Proof of Your Reliability and Responsibility

Your clients need to know that you are a fully reliable, wholly responsible partner. While you can certainly tell your customers this yourself, essentially "talking the talk", it's far more effective to prove this beyond doubt — "walking the walk". If you are compliant with all regulatory requirements in your field and have received certification and accreditation to support this, you have an irrefutable set of proofs of your reliability as a company, which can be independently verified by your customers.

How to Make Regulation and Paperwork Your Friends

Achieving these benefits from regulation and paperwork requires more than just putting a positive spin on the situation. It requires the right tools and software. Software platforms like Alloc8 give businesses the capability they need to ease the strain of forms, paperwork and compliance, and to start leveraging real advantages from these.

  •     Automatic alignment with regulatory requirements

The system integrates with industry- and project-specific regulatory portals, providing an automatic route to compliance.

  •     Checklists and workflows to ensure compliance

Teams have access to safety and compliance checklists and workflows, helping them to stay aware of compliance needs.

  •     Automated lockouts to eliminate compliance errors

Team members who have exceeded safe working hours are locked out of the scheduling tool.

  •     Smart timesheet and invoicing tools to prevent mistakes

Timesheets and invoices are completed with automated and remote functionality, smoothing out the process and avoiding mistakes.

  •     Cloud-based document storage

Paperwork copies are retained in cloud storage and can be searched and audited with ease.

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