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Posted by Alloc8, Fri, Nov 5, 2021

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Australian employment is weathering a significant storm. Unemployment increased sharply in 2020, exceeding 6% for the first time since 2001 and leaping by 1.45% on the previous year as the global pandemic hit businesses hard.

Since then, the situation has calmed a little as the region looks forward with hope and optimism to recovery from Covid-19. However, August and September 2021 have brought with them more worries, and unemployment figures are growing once again, albeit at a slower rate than the one seen last year.

The events of the last two years have rattled workplace morale and job security in Australia. Industries that were once seen as 'safe' — exhibiting steady growth in revenues and employment, year on year — have been thrown into disarray. Meanwhile, anxiety over the safety of office-based work, coupled with the pressure of a remote-based model's feasibility, exacerbates the problem.

But Australia's employers do have the power to change this. They have the capability to bring about better job satisfaction, security and morale in the workplace — things that will benefit Australian society as a whole. 

Making Remote Work More Effective

Remote work looks likely to play a significant role in the future of Australian employment. Businesses want to protect themselves and their employees from office-based risks, such as those seen during Covid and achieve more flexibility and agility. This kind of dynamic approach is good news for employees, but it needs to be appropriately managed.

Solutions such as Alloc8 ensure that remote teams stay connected and supported in the field while also making sure compliance requirements are met at all times.

Transparent, Efficient Scheduling

Businesses need to show that skills and competencies are fully recognised and used to increase workplace morale. For instance, if a team member is highly skilled in Role A but keeps performing Role B, they may become disillusioned.

Alloc8 makes scheduling transparent and efficient with automated features that match skills and competencies to the right roles. 

Work Paid in Full, On-Time

Total remuneration is, of course, a minimum standard. However, making sure this minimum standard is met without fail is crucial if you support high levels of job satisfaction and security. Alloc8 makes timesheet submission and management easy, as HR teams craft timesheets to be saved as templates. These timesheets are then sent out, completed, returned and signed off — all via the platform.

Complete Support, Achieved with Automation

Alloc8 uses automated features to ensure that all in-office and remote-based teams are supported. Managers can use the platform's automatic notifications and flags to quickly check that all teams are fully equipped with the resources they need. This automation also extends to workplace training and induction, ensuring all staff members are fully trained and accredited.

Increase Workplace Morale and Job Satisfaction for Your Team

To learn more about how Alloc8 can increase job satisfaction for your business's team members, you need to give the platform a try for yourself.

Schedule your free demo today to discover how this will work for you. Reach out to our team if you have any questions about Alloc8.

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