The Challenges and Opportunities of the WFH Model

Posted by Alloc8, Thu, Feb 24, 2022

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In 2022, with the Covid-19 pandemic already two years old and with some restrictions easing, working from home has become the reality for many employees across Australia, and across the world. While the Work From Home (WFH) model has been around for far longer than the coronavirus, the events of the last couple of years have certainly accelerated moves towards a more remote, and more fluid attitude to the working environment.

This has been a huge benefit to businesses. Without the WFH model to fall back on, countless businesses would have found themselves in big trouble as restrictions on office-based working environments began to hit hard. The pandemic has caused untold economic damage to markets across the world, but this would have been far worse without WFH.

As we move — hopefully — towards the recovery phase of Covid-19, we can expect this WFH model to stick around. Team members and business owners alike have grown used to this new way of doing things, and this is likely to remain a big part of the business landscape in the years to come.

Harnessing the Benefits of WFH

How does your business reap the benefits of WFH, tapping into the flexibility and agility of this model? After all, remote work can transform businesses, but only if it is managed in the right way.

  • Powerful resource allocation tools — The right tools can ensure that the right team members are matched to the right jobs, and supported with the resources they need.
  • Integrated time tracking and payroll capabilities — Real-time data integration ensures that payroll tasks are handled with ease, even across distributed teams.
  • A dynamic model covering both remote and in-office teams — You may need to offer a hybrid model, reducing the amount of in-office working hours but still offering teams the opportunity to connect on-premises. A robust software platform will help you manage this so that you know where your employees are during working hours.
  • Full access to documents and data across the organisation — Your management team needs real-time data from teams in the field. Conversely, employees need to be able to access real-time data in order to do their jobs in the right way. Powerful remote team management and resource allocation solutions ensure this is the case, helping you to reap the benefits of remote work.

Understanding the Challenges of the WFH Model

WFH provides a large number of benefits to businesses, but there are challenges too — challenges that must be effectively overcome.

  • Working harder to keep employees engaged — WFH can create distance between team members and the rest of the organisation. You will need to ensure employees are properly supported, and that communication channels remain open to prevent isolation.
  • Maintaining security and safety — If team members are using their own devices on the job, you'll need to ensure that these devices are protected with anti-virus and access control tools. Tracking and communication tools will also be necessary to ensure safety on the job.
  • Managing multiple teams across multiple locations as the business grows — A more remote work model means more teams across more locations. Overarching scheduling and resource management solutions will help you keep track of this complex network.
  • Ensuring effective and accurate invoicing — Again, an integrated platform will give you the capabilities to make sure that team members are paid properly and clients are invoiced accurately.

Achieve Success With WFH Processes — Build Effective Operations With Alloc8

With Alloc8, you can make sure that you are reaping the rewards of the WFH model, and avoiding the potential pitfalls and challenges along the way. Reach out to our team and schedule your demo to learn more about what Alloc8 can achieve for your business.

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