The New Scheduling Landscape: Why Dedicated Platforms Are Replacing Traditional Methods

Posted by Alloc8, Mon, Jan 31, 2022

New scheduling landscape

Once upon a time, scheduling, personnel and payroll tasks were handled by a range of different solutions — some digital, others less so. It was common to see teams working with general-purpose software like MS Excel alongside physical solutions such as whiteboards and paper files as they handled these tasks. More recently, plenty of digital solutions joined the scheduling landscape, helping businesses to manage these tasks more accurately and efficiently. But this still leaves us with a disjointed set of tools and an inefficient scheduling practice.

So what is the answer here? What is the antidote to this fractured and disjointed scheduling landscape? It is a unified platform that brings the whole process together, with powerful integrations that unify scheduling.

Bringing All Those Moving Parts Under Control

Here at Alloc8, we work with business owners from a wide range of different industries. They have told us all about the inefficiencies and points of friction that arise from traditional scheduling methods and practices, and we aim to set this right. One of the most common issues we hear relates to the complexity of the situation — there are just so many moving parts to track.

Teams go out to different jobs in different locations, and each job has its own pay rate and issues to keep on top of. For instance, timesheets and invoices need to be analysed and assessed. All of this translates to a considerable amount of work for business owners and their personnel teams. For example, one of our clients told us that, before using Alloc8, his business was spending four 8-10 hour days completing their payroll and losing many more hours on tracking and laborious data entry processes.

With a unified system in place, this client reduced payroll processing to just a single day. In addition, the unified system eliminated many of their manual data entry tasks.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

While reducing the time spent on tasks like payroll certainly enables businesses to focus on other vital areas of operation, unified solutions also help improve the process's accuracy. Our users report that comprehensive platforms like Alloc8 are helping them do much more with their time. Since they do not need to rush through a stressful data collection and entry process, they can instead spend time ensuring the accurate recording of invoices and other materials. 

The automated functions of Alloc8's tools are also reducing the reliance on manual data collection and entry. In effect, this dramatically reduces the potential for mistakes and inaccuracies during the process. When businesses work smarter — rather than harder — they find they can do so much more.

Complete Data Visibility and Total Safety and Security

We live in the data age, but businesses need to do more than collect data — they need to be able to use this data actively. Unfortunately, with a disparate set of solutions, there is no free data flow. Instead, this valuable information ends up siloed — trapped in one data storage system, inaccessible to other systems within the company that may need it.

Comprehensive platforms like Alloc8 ensure that data visibility is comprehensive. As a result, business owners have everything they need right at their fingertips. Accessibility has become increasingly valuable in recent years, as the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated problems with safety and security. In this new normal, businesses need to track remote teams and site visitors and know precisely which team members are deployed in which locations. However, without an overarching scheduling solution that allows the management of remote teams from one location, this becomes very difficult.

Deploy the Alloc8 Solution Within Your Business Structure

It's time to get started and navigate the new scheduling landscape. Reach out to our team today and learn more about what Alloc8 can do for you.

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