These Apps are Disrupting the Mobile Workforce

Posted by Alloc8, Thu, Oct 17, 2019


The last decade has seen the rise of the mobile workforce across a large number of industries in Australia, especially in traffic management and construction. With this increase in remote work, comes a whole new set of challenges in managing workers and resources.

Thanks to technology we've been able to better manage some of these challenges and improve the way we communicate. Technology has brought about improved transparency, streamlined processes, and made it much easier to be compliant - but only if you use it.

Discover some of the apps disrupting how we do business, and start streamlining your processes today. 


Zoom is a communication app that lets you make video calls with clients or employees, interview prospects, hold meetings, and even run webinars. It has improved the way we communicate - culling the need for unnecessary travel or lengthy emails. Hold remote meetings with your mobile workforce on the go.


Slack is a collaboration and communication tool that lets you organise and manage conversations with your team. You can create new channels by people, projects and tasks, helping to keep collaboration and communication alive in the mobile workforce. The extensive search also allows you to easily find previous conversations, ensuring that information loss is kept at a minimum.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a free file sharing program from Google that lets you share and send large files all over the world in an instant. This system means you can share and manage documents with your team instantly, no matter where they are. The workforce scheduling software Alloc8 lets you attach Google Drive files and folders to jobs so they can be accessed easily by workers on a job.


Dubbed by Forbes six years ago as as a leading cloud disruptor, Xero has showed no signs of slowing down. The accounting system manages your invoicing, payroll, and expenses, and gives you a clear overview of your business' financial health. Better still, Alloc8 easily integrates with Xero, connecting your workforce scheduling data directly with your payroll and invoicing. 


Alloc8 is a workforce management tool that lets you efficiently manage remote workers, assets, and resources. Allocate workers to a job, check worker availability and accreditation, assign assets and tools to a job, and even manage invoices all in one platform. Alloc8 also comes with an app so you can manage and communicate with your workforce on the go.

To find out more about how you could be better managing your remote workforce using Alloc8, get in touch with us today. 

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