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Posted by Alloc8, Mon, Jul 11, 2022

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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, passed by both bodies of Congress back in 2021, represents an enormous opportunity for transport, logistics, and other industries in the United States. As part of the act, $1.2 trillion of federal investment will be made available to qualifying infrastructure projects over the next five years. 

This is a significant development for Americans across the country. For project managers and developers, it means vital funding will be made available for valuable infrastructure projects. For other stakeholders in society, it means an investment in the future — in infrastructure that will serve communities for years to come. 

But what impact does this have on workforce management, particularly regarding those organisations tasked with building transport and logistics infrastructure? 

Increased Complexity in Workforce Management 

The act will essentially give the green light to transport and logistics infrastructure projects that may otherwise have been mothballed, which means an almost immediate increase in the number and scale of such projects across the country. Of course, this means more personnel will be required to fulfil these roles. 

In turn, this necessitates a twofold approach. Project managers will need to optimise their existing human resources, utilising workforce management software solutions to expand capacity while continuing to support team members in the right way. Alongside this, managers will need to take a considered approach to these existing teams, knowing when to hire new personnel in order to expand capacity in a responsible way. All in all, the deal is expected to add 2 million jobs per year over the next five years, including a high number of employment opportunities on transport and logistics infrastructure projects. 

Enhanced Training Needs 

While the act certainly appears to be good news for business owners in the construction, transport, logistics, and all adjacent fields, some have voiced concerns. The act will see $1.2 trillion of investment delivered to infrastructure projects, but the $100 billion proposed by President Biden for workforce development has not been passed. This has sparked concerns about a possible skills shortfall as businesses struggle to match qualified personnel with key jobs. 

To fill this gap, businesses will need to make sure they are investing in training programs that support workers as they develop necessary skills. This adds further complexity to the situation as businesses balance expanded operational capacities with the necessary training and upskilling programs.

Improved Scheduling to Optimise Project Efficiency 

Scheduling software is going to play an increasingly important role as businesses leverage the billions of dollars in investment that will come their way in the coming years. These businesses will depend on a robust set of solutions with the following features: 

Artificial intelligence and automated functions that support schedulers by connecting the right personnel with the right jobs 

Training records and requirement reminders to ensure that all personnel have the skills required to safely fulfil their roles 

Integration with regulatory portals to maintain compliance on an ongoing basis 

Sophisticated planning tools that enable a forward-thinking approach to project strategising and formulation 

Remote collaboration capabilities, making it easier to manage complex projects on a nationwide scale 

Alloc8: Supporting Businesses as Project Complexity Increases 

The next five years promise to be full of opportunities for businesses in the transport and logistics fields, particularly those focused on construction and infrastructure projects, but there are also challenges to be overcome. Alloc8 is an innovative workforce scheduling platform that is designed to meet these challenges, helping businesses to leverage key opportunities. Get in touch with the team today and schedule your demo of the solution.

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