Some of the Most Common Workflow Problems and How Software Can Resolve Them

Posted by Alloc8, Fri, Apr 8, 2022

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Workflows provide structure and direction to companies and their operations, guiding projects from planning stages through to execution and completion. Essentially, a workflow is a systematic roadmap that keeps operations running smoothly. Well, at least it should be.

When workflows start to go wrong — and when teams begin to lose their way — the whole organisation suffers. Projects fall behind schedule, costs begin to spiral out of control, and customers start to become disgruntled and disaffected. With this in mind, what workflow problems do businesses need to be aware of? And how can software solutions provide an adequate answer to these workflow challenges? Read on to discover more as we look at some of the most common workflow issues.

Communication and Collaboration Starts to Break Down

Business owners certainly want their teams to be focused at all times, but this focus can be problematic if it grows too intense. For example, departments become so focused on their own specific workflows and tasks that they fail to see the bigger picture. This can cause a breakdown in communication and collaboration across the business.

How Software Can Resolve This 

Software can provide collaborative channels so that departments see where their workflows align with those of other departments. Meanwhile, document sharing tools and other communication solutions allow inter-departmental projects to move forward without delay.

Documents Get Lost or are Incomplete

In recent years, many modern industries have grown far more dynamic, with remote teams deployed quickly to different locations to carry out services for clients. This is great news for businesses, but it also leads to headaches. For example, if remote teams are not supported with the correct documentation, or if timesheets and invoicing documents are incomplete, problems begin to arise.

How Software Can Resolve This

The right software solution removes much of the uncertainty surrounding correct documentation. This software will provide checklists and protocols that team members need to follow, ensuring that documents are collected and received as required. Secure sharing channels can also ensure that documents are transferred swiftly and with total peace of mind.

The Whole Process Becomes Painfully Slow

Businesses contend with a whole range of different compliance regulations and requirements, all of which need to be adhered to. This means organisations need to consistently check and analyse their own levels of compliance, making sure that all workflow decisions are taken in accordance with this. Upper management teams may also need to sign off and approve remote team deployment and other operational decisions, which can also take time. All of this comes together to create a slow and cumbersome set of operations, which directly opposes the agility, flexibility and decisiveness that modern businesses crave.

How Software Can Resolve This

Software solutions can accelerate decision making by presenting all the data to upper management teams in real-time. Remote team members access the platform via their smartphone or tablet devices, updating forms and sending documents as required. In turn, this accelerates the process of decision making without putting regulatory compliance or operations in jeopardy, as all information is handled through a reliable, secure connection.

Utilising Alloc8 Workflow Software

One of the key advantages of Alloc8 is improved workflows. Working with Alloc8 enables businesses to accelerate their workflow development and decision making while also ensuring that each department has access to all the data and documentation it needs. All of this is achieved without compromising on security or operational effectiveness.

To find out more about Alloc8, reach out to the team today, or schedule a demo of the software to try it for yourself.

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