10 Signs Your Business Needs Workforce Management Software

Posted by Alloc8, Mon, Jan 6, 2020

Discover the top ten signs that your business is ready to move to a workforce management system.

1. Your schedulers battle excessive admin work 

Your schedulers spend a lot of time scheduling and coordinating staff, collecting paper timesheets, calling workers, or rescheduling cancelled shifts. 

tickA workforce management system can cut your business' admin time in half with streamlined scheduling, digital timesheets, and instant push notifications for new jobs. It can massively reduce inefficiencies in your business and cut costs associated with lengthy admin.

2. You've accidentally underpaid or overpaid your workers  

CrossYour payroll team have inadvertently underpaid or overpaid your remote staff. They may have been unaware that your workers had become more qualified or eligible for different award rates. 

tickWorkforce management software can be programmed to include your state's applicable award rates, ensuring you pay your remote workers correctly. 

3. Your worker's timesheet submissions get delayed

CrossYour worker filled out their timesheet on time, handed it to their manager who was busy, who took days to approve and submit the timesheet, delaying their pay.

tickA timesheet feature makes the approval process quick and seamless, delivering timesheets straight from your worker to their manager, to your payroll system within minutes. 

4. Your communication with workers could be better

CrossYour workers often feel a disconnect from the head office, and it's hard to relay critical and time-sensitive information to your workers and be sure they’ve received it. 

tickPush notifications means you can instantly send out a message to your team, notifying them of shift changes, and any other critical or time-sensitive information. 

5. Your workers don't feel empowered

CrossYour workers have no visibility on their upcoming shifts or who they'll be working with, or you schedule shifts that can involve stressful or lengthy travel journeys. 

tickA workforce management tool empowers your workers to choose when and where they work and gives them visibility over the other workers scheduled on each shift.

6. You've incorrectly scheduled a job 

CrossYou've accidentally assigned too many or too few workers to a job, allocated someone who wasn't qualified, or not assigned the necessary tools needed for a job.

tickA scheduling tool allows you to see precisely who has been scheduled to a job, what skills they have, and exactly which tools you allocated to that job. This visibility ensures you can be confident that you are delivering the right team and tools to your clients.  

7. Your business is accruing substantial travel expenses 

CrossYou schedule multiple remote workers to a site in a remote place. You are legally required to provide meals, accommodation and transport subsidies, on top of any overtime rates, racking up your expenses. 

tickUsing the location feature, you can easily select and schedule the worker that is the most qualified and who lives the closest to a job site, reducing travel costs and travel stress for workers. 

8. You're still wrangling with paperwork

CrossYou've lost paperwork countless times, have found timesheets without signatures, or are just not able to keep up with the amount of paperwork moving around your business. 

tickWorkforce management software moves everything you once did on paper to the cloud, ensuring nothing ever gets lost or missed amongst a pile of paperwork. Digital signatures also means timesheets are quickly and easily submitted, with no more manual handling.

9. Your visibility over current jobs is unclear

CrossYou're not sure who's working where, which jobs are running on a day, or which tools are currently out on a job. You may have to manually contact your scheduler to find out.

tickWith automated reporting and dashboards, you can get a clear overview of your business' activities. These insights can help drive new business initiatives, spark new ideas, or help you to see where you can reduce inefficiencies even further. 

10. You've sent out incorrect invoices

CrossYou've accidentally sent out incorrect invoices, resulting in unhappy clients, increased admin time, and unnecessary wasted time.

tickBy integrating your workforce management system with your accounting system, you'll avoid these simple errors, improving and building trust with your clients. 


If your business has experienced any of the above, it might be time to consider implementing workforce management software. And with over 45% of companies moving their systems to the cloud, there's no better time than now to join them.

Get in touch if you'd like a customised, obligation-free demo to see how Alloc8 can help streamline your business, reduce costs, and empower your team.

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