Altus Case Study: The Power of Alloc8 in a Complex Operational Environment

Posted by Alloc8, Mon, Oct 17, 2022


Alloc8's scheduling software delivers a range of workforce management advantages to businesses of all sizes, including smaller and medium-scale organisations. But what about enterprise-level scheduling – how does the software rise to these unique challenges?

To learn more about this, let's look at a case study involving Altus Group – an enterprise-level organisation with a highly complex operating environment and a sophisticated set of requirements.

The Client: Altus Group

Altus Group is a transnational organisation bringing together many different companies, each with its specific operational requirements. Despite this already vast scale, Altus is focused on further growth, expanding into new markets and exploring new operational areas. This translates to significant software challenges as the Group's management team seeks to support ongoing development without compromising operational efficiency and efficacy.

The Challenges

The main challenge for Altus was growth. Altus is a high-growth business with increasing numbers of clients and client orders. Altus needed a solution that would be able to keep up with this growth, enabling Altus to connect with the resources and the levels of flexibility required to finalise projects on the way whilst keep simultaneously growing successfully. 

The Solution

Alloc8 represented the perfect solution for Altus Group, as it provides the necessary platform to allow the company to grow at scale. Using Alloc8 to provide scheduling and reporting capabilities, Altus has expanded and opened new branches and achieved unprecedented insight into the business's operations.

The operational environment is growing ever more complex, with an expanding workforce and a complicated set of payroll requirements. The Group needed a solution adaptable enough to handle this, and Alloc8 fit the bill perfectly.

The Results

Since deploying Alloc8, Altus Group has continued along its growth pathway and now commands double the revenue it did in 2017. Despite this enormous growth, the payroll and accounts team remains the same size, thanks to Alloc8's support.

The solution has enabled efficient scalability and dramatically reduced the time it takes to place and execute orders. Altus Group is now effortlessly agile, taking bookings at short notice and getting orders done without delay. Ben Marsonet describes their Alloc8 experience as transformational; complete business visibility through reporting in Alloc8 has led Altus to very detailed profitability and fleet utilisation analysis. Watch the video above for a detailed review of Alloc8. 

Discover More About Enterprise-Level Alloc8 Benefits 

Alloc8 can benefit businesses of all sizes, including enterprise-level organisations. Take a tour of the solution today and discover more.


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