Health, Wellbeing and Positivity: How Changing Expectations are Shaping the Future of Workforce Management

Posted by Alloc8, Mon, Nov 14, 2022
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The idea of well-being in the workplace is not a new one. For decades, employers have understood the need to give their employees acceptable working conditions that keep them safe from harm and relatively productive. But modern well-being is changing and is about more than just health and safety. This increased complexity shapes how Australian organisations support their teams, and adopting a more holistic approach is becoming a workforce management trend.

Supporting New Definitions of Wellbeing

There are many ways to define employee well-being. For example, the Reward and Employee Benefits Association (REBA) outlines six pillars of well-being in the workplace: job security, financial security, health, support, protection and work/life balance. In a general sense, however, our modern understanding brings together aspects of physical, emotional and psychological health to achieve a holistic approach.

Workforce management solutions like Alloc8 help to build this unified approach. At the surface level, automated features ensure that workforce health and safety requirements are fully met on each project. In a more nuanced sense, Alloc8 features support positive and holistic well-being approaches, such as scheduling reminders that prevent staff members' overload and protecting that all-important work/life balance. Using custom forms to gather feedback, employers can also gauge team members' emotional and psychological responses on the job. At the same time, integration with handheld devices ensures that even remote employees feel part of the operational whole.

There are also more conceptual and cultural benefits from deploying a solution like Alloc8. As mentioned above, employee well-being hinges on job and financial security. With transparent scheduling features, Alloc8 helps employees better understand the working environment and operational demand, instilling ongoing confidence in staff members and ensuring they feel recognised and valued. The mere presence of a solution like Alloc8 in the organisation's digital infrastructure shows that the company is forward-thinking and future-proofed against market movements – another critical aspect of job security.

Leveraging the Key Benefits of Employee Wellbeing

Adopting the right approach to workplace well-being provides Australian businesses with several different benefits:

  • Attracting and keeping hold of talent becomes much easier with a positive approach to well-being.
  • Your brand will become associated with well-being, which can be important for attracting customers.
  • Productivity improves when your workforce is feeling well looked after.
  • Your business is legally obliged to provide a minimum level of health and safety – a solid approach to well-being helps you go beyond this minimum.

Take a tour of the Alloc8 platform today, and learn more about how our features are helping businesses revolutionise their workforce management and employee well-being strategies.

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