The Benefits of Remote Workers and Why We Hire Remote Teams

Posted by George Khreish, Thu, Feb 13, 2020

luca-bravo-9l_326FISzk-unsplashAlloc8 CTO George Khreish on why he believes in hiring remote workers

Our workforce management software product centralises and shares business-critical information, connecting remote workers, schedulers and management in a previously often disconnected environment. 

This focus on communication also resides at the core of how we operate internally as a team. Since Alloc8 was launched in 2018, we have built a dedicated, diverse and thriving team located in-house, off-site and overseas.

As our team has grown, we have discovered noticeable benefits of hiring remote workers.

Get the Best Talent
When you widen your pool, you expand the calibre and variety of talent you can hire. You're not only no longer restricted by location, but can also get really niche with your talent search.

Build a Culture of Trust and Accountability
When employees are trusted to work remotely, they feel valued, empowered and driven to deliver their best work. Remote work positively shifts the onus (and the accountability) back onto the worker, which has produced higher quality work for us.

Inspire a More Productive Team
A team that feels more autonomous and independent also feels more empowered to contribute, to come up with new ideas, and to grow within their position. When you pigeon-hole a role, you also pigeon-hole that person's mindset, limiting their (and your business') growth.

Cultural Diversity
Cultural diversity is a natural bi-product of welcoming remote working into your organisation. It allows for a unique and multi-faceted approach to problem-solving, feature conception and product design. 

Remote work is garnering exponential traction across Australia and the globe, so why not start embracing it?


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