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2020: Year in Review

by George Khreish on Wed, Dec 16, 2020

This year was anything but normal. However our foot was still on the gas at Alloc8, and 2020 saw growth in usage, new industries and global expansion with no signs of slowing. Alloc8 CEO...

When we hear 'disruption' it's often themes of innovation, technology, and digital transformation that come to mind. But 2020 has brought the unprecedented disruption of a different kind. 

Alloc8 CTO George Khreish on why he believes in hiring remote workers

2019 has been a successful and busy year at Alloc8. We've reached some major milestones, experienced significant growth in all areas and have been continuously launching exciting product...

The remote and mobile workforce has seen significant growth across Australia in recent years, with that trend only set to continue. Currently, one in three Australians work off-site, and...