Changes to The Way You Update Traffic Control Training Cards

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Sep 9, 2020

Changes to The Way You Update Traffic Control Training Cards

If you’re a traffic controller in NSW, there’s now a new way of managing your traffic control training cards. Since July 1, the management of the traffic control training system has been taken over by SafeWork NSW, and is no longer directly managed by RMS.

These cards are compulsory for any workers who participate in traffic control on public roads in NSW. If you’re a current RMS traffic control card holder you can continue to use it until it expires. You’ll be notified as the expiry date expires and invited to change it over to a SafeWork NSW card.

Alloc8 Skills

Keeping track of training cards can be arduous, and ensuring everyone in your team is up to date can be a manual and time-heavy exercise. Alloc8 has a custom skills section where you can manage all of your workers' traffic control training cards. 

You will be able to quickly and easily recognise if anyone in the team is due for training, and should anyone want to see your worker’s training cards, they are directly available in the platform.


Alloc8 is a fully integrated workforce management platform built by traffic control workers for traffic control workers. To find out how to make your life easier, book a demo with our team today. 


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