Release Notes: February 2024

Posted by Alloc8, Fri, Mar 1, 2024

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Please find the summary of our February 2024 Release. These changes will be in all portals: 

  • US - 5 Mar 2024; 11am AEDT
  • CA - 5 Mar 2024; 11am AEDT
  • AU - 5 Mar 2024; 9pm AEDT
  • NZ - 5 Mar 2024; 9pm AEDT

Maximum Continuous Shift Gap Lockout Setting

This update introduces a powerful tool for managing worker fatigue and ensuring compliance with shift length regulations. Here's what's new:

  1. Fatigue Management Control: The Maximum Continuous Shift Gap Lockout Setting allows admin users to set a minimum stand-down time between shifts. By enforcing predefined rules on the time gap between shifts, this feature effectively mitigates worker fatigue and promotes regulatory compliance.
  2. Optimised Scheduling: With this update, users can now fine-tune scheduling practices to adhere to regulatory requirements while optimising workforce productivity. By allowing for adequate rest periods between shifts, you can maintain operational efficiency while still prioritising employee well-being.

For a more detailed guide and visual representation of these updates, please refer to our product notes article. 


Optional GPS in Forms Submissions 

This update provides users with greater control over the inclusion of GPS coordinates in submitted forms, offering flexibility and confidentiality options. Here's what's new:

  1. Customisation Feature: Users can now choose whether to display GPS coordinates on the Forms PDF upon submission. This feature enables users to tailor form submissions to meet specific confidentiality requirements while still capturing essential location data when necessary.

  2. Simple Integration: Adding GPS coordinates to the Forms PDF is straightforward. Simply drag the Submission GPS element under the Job Fields when building a form. This allows users to seamlessly include GPS coordinates on the submitted Forms PDF with minimal effort.

  3. Confidentiality Assurance: For cases where GPS coordinates are meant to remain confidential, users have the option to exclude them from the Forms PDF. However, even if excluded, GPS coordinates remain accessible on the Forms and Attachments page of the job under the Form Submission section, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

This enhancement enhances the credibility and reliability of submitted forms while providing users with the flexibility to manage sensitive location data according to their specific requirements. For detailed instructions and visual guidance, please refer to our product documentation.

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