Release Notes: May 2024

Posted by Alloc8, Thu, May 9, 2024

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Please find the summary of our May 2024 Release. These changes are now available in all portals.

1. Enhanced Invoice Preview Tracking: Now See Who Generates Invoices in Your History Log!

We're excited to announce an invoicing update to our platform that enhances the transparency and accountability of your invoice preview process. With this latest release, the job's history logs now include detailed information about who previewed the invoice, providing you further insights into the invoice processing workflow.

Key Feature Highlights:

  1. User Identification: The job's history logs will now display the user who previewed the invoice, allowing you to track and monitor the individuals involved in the invoice preview process accurately.

  2. Improved Tracking: This enhancement enables you to understand any changes or interactions made during the invoice preview stage, facilitating better accountability and transparency across your team.

Previous vs. New History Log:

  • Previous History Log: The history log previously lacked specific details about who previewed the invoice, limiting your ability to track the invoice process effectively.

  • New History Log: With the latest update, you'll now see clear entries indicating which user previewed the invoice, providing you with comprehensive insights into the invoice preview activity.

Previous History Log


New History Log


Summary of History Log Changes:

  • Preview Invoice: The new history log entry now includes the user who previewed the invoice, along with the invoice number and relevant details.
  • Delete Invoice Preview: Any deletions of invoice previews will be recorded, including the user responsible and the associated invoice number.
  • Credit Invoice: Creation of credit invoices will be logged, highlighting the user who initiated the action and the corresponding invoice number.

For a more detailed guide and visual representation of these updates, please refer to our product notes article. 

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