The Top 5 Biggest Industry Shake Ups due to COVID

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Sep 23, 2020

pexels-anna-shvets-3986950It’s no secret that the COVID pandemic has disrupted the Australian and global economies, as demonstrated by the recent announcement that we have entered Australia’s first recession since 1991. 

There has been a significant shakeup to the way we conduct business, with social distancing and safety measures impacting every move we make. Some industries have been hit hard, such as tourism, hospitality and events, and others like eLearning, IT and medical research have boomed. In between the worst and least affected jobs lies a whole range of industries that have remained constant, but have been forced to adapt to new circumstances, such as professionals and healthcare. 

However, the biggest changes to some industries moving out of this pandemic may actually experience job growth as a result. Here’s what we predict:

1. Sport and Entertainment 

As we begin to recover from the pandemic sporting events, festivals and concerts will look very different moving out of this pandemic. Additional measures will need to account for spaced seating, staggered entrance times, and more stringent attendance registration. These will require more staff to monitor and control these processes.

2. Public events

Public events like elections will also require staggered registrations, as well as increased safety and social distancing protocols (shared pencils will likely be a thing of the past!). This is likely to create jobs or engage the services of businesses like traffic control to assist with controlling the flow of foot traffic through polling booths. 

3. Healthcare 

We’ve already seen an increase in tele-health consults, limited in-person visits and a need for increased supply of PPE, and this will likely continue. Reduced face-to-face hours and capacity of clinics also mean demand for in-home healthcare workers is on the rise. NDIS businesses will need the ability to manage a remote workforce as well as increase their compliance from both a health & safety and payroll perspective.

4. Office work

Rostered days in the office, meeting bubbles, and the continuation of remote working is likely for a large portion of office workers. With the shift to virtual meetings and working from home, opportunity has risen to provide work for more people living outside of major cities and may decentralise the traditional CBDs that were once the centre of ‘office’ life.

5. Hospitality

The idea that jobs in the hospitality industry may grow as a result of COVID is debatable. The continuation of spaced seating, limited capacity and a required check-in with customer details will no doubt form a part of what normal cafe and restaurant life looks like. However the opportunity for expansion of outdoor areas may require additional table service staff, security and even outdoor entertainment.


What underpins all of these changes is a significant shift to automation, scheduling, and compliance – with vast amounts of data to manage, process and track – as well as the ability to act quickly. That’s where we come in. Alloc8 can help you manage remote workers, and help your business seamlessly schedule your workers. This frees up your time to focus on other important aspects of this new ‘normal’, such as social distancing compliance.

Talk to our team today to see how we can help your business smoothly transition through the new challenges you may be facing. 

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