Release Notes: August 2022

Posted by Alloc8, Tue, Aug 16, 2022

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Please find the summary of our August Release (available in our portals on August 23rd):

What's new?

Attention North America: We now support Miles as a distance measurement unit. 


Invoice Travel Hours at a Fixed Rate.

We have added a new option in the rate card setting: You can now invoice travel hours at a fixed rate. 

What has been fixed and improved?

Specify your preferred order of packages in a rate card

We have enabled the option to choose your preferred order of packages on an invoice when adding packages to a rate card.

Previously, to add packages to a rate card, users needed to add the specific package that needed to be invoiced first, save it and repeat the process in the desired order. We have now improved our experience by adding a button where you can arrange the packages and drag and drop them into the preferred order of packages. 

Our team is working hard. Next up...

We are improving Scheduling and Awards. 

Reduce payroll errors: Workers will now be able to be paid against the agreed award, taking into consideration the classification arrangements. 




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