Release Notes: February 2022

Posted by Alloc8, Thu, Feb 3, 2022

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We've started 2022 on the right track, with a number of improvements and new features, with more to come very soon. 

What's New?

Copying attachments while cloning jobs

You now have the ability to copy attachments to cloned jobs.

Copy attachments to cloned jobs - Alyssa Gabrielle Sandoval (1)

Ability to Hide Travel Start and End Fields in the Timesheet Mobile App
Customers who do not need their workers to enter Travel Hours can request to turn this off with their CSM.
Other Fixes + Improvements
Payroll Validation Widgets

When validating the pay run, you will see detailed and clear information on how many employees are included in the pay run: along with those who are ready to be exported, those with payroll errors, and those who have been successfully exported.

This gives visibility over what is valid for export.

Payroll validation widgets - Alyssa Gabrielle Sandoval

What's Fixed and Improved?

Improved Alert Screens in the Mobile App

You can now see website URLs, e-mails, and phone numbers as links on your Alerts screen. We have implemented overall improvements in the Alerts screen UI where large messages can now be displayed clearly.

imageimage (2)


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