Release Notes: January 2021

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Jan 20, 2021

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We've started 2021 off with a bang at Alloc8, with a number of improvements and new features, with more to come very soon. 

What's New?

Employee Allowances for Payroll

You can now set up payroll allowances (which can be per hour worked or per shift) and attach to individual employees. These allowances are separate from award specific allowances – the employee will receive the allowance regardless of what Award, Classification, or Shift Role they work. Note: there is also a new User Access level required to access this feature. See documentation or speak with your CSM for more info. Feature Documentation >

Employee Allowances

Minimum Weekly Hours for Permanent Full Time

Alloc8 now supports minimum weekly hours for Permanent Full Time staff. Simply set the weekly hours at the contact level as you would for Permanent Part Time workers. Note that this feature only works if your award has a TOPUP rule for Full Time employment status. If you are unsure, please speak to your CSM.

PFT Weekly Hours

Ongoing support for our International customers

Our predictive search address picker now supports addresses in the country set for your Alloc8 web portal. We're also continuously releasing further capabilities for tax, invoicing and payroll.


What's Fixed and Improved?

  • [Fixed] Projects not saving on jobs

  • [Fixed] The 'Save' button is no longer intermittently greyed out when creating jobs

  • [Improved] 'Edit Items' is now part of User Access permissions

  • [Improved] When selecting the related shift for an item with multiple related shift types, you will no longer be able to select shifts that do not belong in the branch you are creating the job for

  • [Improved] When packaging on an invoice, operators are always kept in the same package as their vehicle. This was previously resulting in unexpected combinations when forming best possible combinations, rather than shifts with the same start and finish.

  • [Improved] If a single employee timesheet fails to export, the entire payrun will no longer be blocked

  • [Improved] Improvements to file size handling of Paperwork

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