Release Notes: March 2020

Posted by Alloc8, Wed, Apr 1, 2020

Release Notes March

We are always working on improving Alloc8 and this month we released a number of new features and improvements to Alloc8. This included many new features that we know will provide our customers with improved visibility, compliance and workflow efficiencies. 

What’s New?

Form Builder (Custom Forms)


You can now create custom forms and checklists using our new drag and drop form builder and attach to jobs, as well as the option to attach to all Branch or Company jobs, or just the ones you choose to. Forms can be made specific to workers, vehicles and assets – and can include conditional fields to capture the exact information you need to save hours in chasing up paperwork.

Paperwork Regeneration

Alloc8 Paperwork-regeneration

You now have complete control over what is included or excluded in the paperwork sent to your customers, even after the Timesheet or Invoice has been completed for a job. The Paperwork Regeneration feature means you can include or exclude an attachment or form at a branch/company/job level, then easily regenerate paperwork for all of those jobs in just a few clicks.

Download full user guides for these features here:

Download Documentation

What's Improved?

Awards and Classifications

Alloc8 Award Classifications

We have made improvements to how Awards and Classifications work in Alloc8 to minimise payroll errors and improve the experience for our users. The 'Award Rule Hierarchy' takes into account Shift, Project, Company and Branch awards, and with added visibility you will see the exact classification and award to each shift – as well as easily make changes on the Resource Allocation or Timesheet screen. Learn more here >

What’s Fixed?

We have also fixed or improved the following in this release:

  • Google did an update which meant inserting attachments from Google Drive stopped working. It is now fixed.
  • Updated various error messages to be more user friendly – you can now see an explanation of what is going wrong during resource allocation or invoicing
  • Invoice preview error
  • Time out error of Payroll Re-Export
  • Reset Password link has now been fixed
  • Timesheet PDF now shows who submitted it on web
  • Shift Type with longer names are now clearly visible when creating/editing a job
  • Fixed header after Chrome browser update
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