Release Notes: October 2022

Posted by Alloc8, Thu, Sep 29, 2022

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Please find the summary of our October Release (available in our portals on the first week of October):

What's new?

Recalculate Award Preferences

No more reallocating and reconfirming workers on existing tickets so that the new award can be applied to them.

No need to submit the timesheet when updating the award and/or classification in the timesheet preferences. Save in the timesheet preferences pop-up, and your changes will be applied. You can access changes to the Timesheet Preferences and manage Shift Awards in the tickets History Log.

Learn more about Recalculating Award Preferences here

What has been fixed and improved?

Identify mismatches between awards and classifications applied to a worker

The Resource Allocation screen now shows awards and classification mismatches in RED, allowing you to identify possible errors once you run payroll. Learn more here

Our team is working hard. Next up...

Stay compliant! Explain missing or expired skills on Medium Lockout: Now, you can add a reason for operators missing or expired skills to ensure your worker's allocations are compliant. 

Warnings for vehicle operator allocations with missing or expired skills on Hard Lockout: A warning message will show you that you cannot allocate the vehicle operator with a missing or expired skill on Hard Lockout.

Time Zone Consistency: Use your primary branch time zone for your web date and time reference. 


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