Release Notes: November 2019

Posted by Alloc8, Mon, Oct 14, 2019

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This release features some major updates to Alloc8 and some brand new features.

What’s New?

We've introduced a number of new features and improvements in this release.

New features

  • Job Confirmation Email
  • Improved document management
  • Advanced Timesheeting
  • Advanced Timesheeting
  • Paperwork

For a detailed overview of these new features and to read documentation, check out this article.

Invoice Mail

  • You can now unsubscribe from an invoice mail.


  • You can now assign Awards and Classifications to a shift type.
  • Default shift roles are no longer showing if it is not applicable to the award.
  • You can now see the job ticket number and date on all of job page headers.
  • Added a loading dialog when shifting to different views on all of the Whiteboards.

What’s Fixed?

The following bug fixes have now been completed:
  • Resource Whiteboard does not automatically reflect changes when allocating or unallocating resources
  • Error when unallocating a resource from the Resource Whiteboard.
  • Removing a resource doesn't work on the ‘Confirm Booking’ page for multi-day jobs.
  • ‘Unsaved Changes’ dialog is showing when changes have not been made to a form.
  • ‘Client Not On Site’ is toggled on by default when re-signing a timesheet.
  • Workers not showing in the timesheet after adding resources to the job.
  • Inconsistency of columns on mobile and web timesheet.
  • Inventory items not showing in the Ticket Billing Preference.

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