The recently approved bipartisan infrastructure law in the United States promises to bring about significant investments in the country's transportation infrastructure. Businesses with...

Release Notes: February 2023

by Alloc8 on Thu, Feb 2, 2023



Please find the summary of our February 2023 Release.

These changes will be in all portals:
  • USA 1st Feb 2023: 8 pm - 10pm EST
  • Canada 1st Feb 2023: 8pm - 10pm EST
  • Australia 2nd...


Discover the top ten signs that your business is ready to move to a workforce management system.

When drivers get tired out on the road, their health and safety – and that of others – are jeopardised. How can you protect against the effects of fatigue with your fleet management...

The idea of well-being in the workplace is not a new one. For decades, employers have understood the need to give their employees acceptable working conditions that keep them safe from harm...


Alloc8's scheduling software delivers a range of workforce management advantages to businesses of all sizes, including smaller and medium-scale organisations. But what about...

Release Notes: October 2022

by Alloc8 on Thu, Sep 29, 2022



Please find the summary of our October Release (available in our portals on the first week of October):

Release Notes: August 2022

by Alloc8 on Tue, Aug 16, 2022



Please find the summary of our August Release (available in our portals on August 23rd):